Andrew Barraclough

Dr Andrew Barraclough, Owner and Managing Director.

Andrew has over 30 years of engineering experience, which has culminated in the establishment of Barrason’s Engineers in 2017. The name of the company is a derivative of his surname. As the father of 5 children he is keen to provide future development opportunities to any of his children who wish to pursue the technical/engineering sciences.

Like many small businesses, Barrason’s Engineers started with a desk, PC and unwavering desire to develop a high calibre structural engineering consultancy.

Forensic inspections and reports were the initial focus of the company, which has since expanded to now have three major branches. Barrason’s Engineers are now well known for their work in the Residential, Commercial and Temporary Works fields.

Barrason’s Engineers are a business of over 60 employees. They provide services in every Australian state and New Zealand.

Andrew’s personal expertise is in the prefabricated concrete industry. Andrew has detailed R&D experience in the sector, as well as being the inventor of over 20 products in the prefabricated concrete industry, notably the product inventor of specific lifting anchors and bracing systems. His inventions are used extensively in the precast industry.

Andrew is PhD qualified, has published and presented many technical papers in the industry. He also stays well networked through his work with AS (Australia Standards), NPCAA (National Precast Concrete Association of Australia), CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia), ETIA (Engineering Training Institute of Australia), Holmesglen TAFE (Lecturer on Project Management), CFMEU, WorkSafe and PCI (Precast Concrete Institute USA).

A gifted leader, Andrew provides employee development opportunities based on the self-motivation and willingness to take accountability, coupled with employee’s qualifications and experience.

He remains passionate about the virtues of prefabricated concrete, as an affordable and effective building material. Barrason’s Engineers are well placed to support the Construction Sector with their expertise, sound technical knowledge and streamlined business processes; supported by a team of passionate Managers.