Engineering Leaders in the Industry

Lisa Camp – Residential Director.

Lisa has 15 years Managerial experience and providing front line, professional customer service.

Forensic inspections, residential and commercial, include understanding defects. There are a limited number of things that can directly undermine the integrity of a structure. These include water, pests, poor construction techniques and vegetation.

Our Inspectors enjoy ongoing professional development, keeping abreast of changing building codes and requirements, under Lisa’s guidance. She is responsible for managing the process of serving Residential clients from their initial enquiry, scheduling inspections, quoting for additional work (as required) and seeing the process through to final stages of design and delivering our client’s Professional Engineering Drawings. Whether it’s a pool, retaining wall, verandah, roadway or full home design, no job is too small within the residential services design.

Proper construction, underpinned by sound Engineering Design is the key to longevity and useability within the residential space.

Lisa brings an incredible passion and appreciation for nature to her role, being a Care Giver to Wildlife Victoria, and spending her limited spare time in nature. Passion, dedication and relentless attention to detail are the hallmarks of Lisa’s leadership style.

Lisa is well placed to provide expertise across the breadth of the Residential team, having built her own home, grown and milled her own timber.

Fariborz Moeinaddini (Fari) – Engineering Director, Temporary Works

With a PhD in Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology, Masters Degrees in Structural Engineering from University of Melbourne and an Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering, Fari is Barrason’s Engineers expert on all aspects of precast concrete design, temporary works and construction technology. He has been involved in product development, testing and assessment of many of the lifters, fasteners, and connections, used in the current Australian building industry.

Fari oversees our large team of qualified Engineers who specialise in the temporary works and erection design space. Barrason’s Engineers certify in excess of 30,000 precast panels for safe lifting and installation each month, contributing to the safety of construction sites around Australia. Precast concrete manufacturers rely on Fari’s team for a guaranteed three day turnaround of their designs with the knowledge they can rely on a powerhouse of technical advice and support.