Engineering Leaders in the Industry

Dr Andrew Barraclough, Owner and Managing Director.

Andrew has over 30 years of engineering experience, which has culminated in the establishment of Barrason’s in 2017. The name of the company is a derivative of his surname. As the father of 5 children, and stepfather to 2, he is keen to provide future development opportunities to any of his children who wish to pursue the technical/engineering sciences.

Like many small businesses, Barrason’s started with a desk, PC and unwavering desire to develop a high calibre structural engineering consultancy.

Forensic inspections and reports were the initial focus of the company, which has since expanded to now have three major branches. Barrason’s are now well known for their work in the Residential, Commercial and Temporary Works fields.

Andrew’s personal expertise is in the prefabricated concrete industry. Andrew has detailed R&D experience in the sector, as well as being the inventor of over 20 products in the prefabricated concrete industry, notably the product inventor of specific lifting anchors and bracing systems. His inventions are used extensively in the precast industry.

Andrew is PhD qualified, has published and presented many technical papers in the industry. He also stays well networked through his work with AS (Australia Standards), NPCAA (National Precast Concrete Association of Australia), CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia), ETIA (Engineering Training Institute of Australia), Holmesglen TAFE (Lecturer on Project Management), CFMEU, WorkSafe and PCI (Precast Concrete Institute USA).

A gifted leader, Andrew provides employee development opportunities based on the self-motivation and willingness to take accountability, coupled with employee’s qualifications and experience.

He remains passionate about the virtues of prefabricated concrete, as an affordable and effective building material. Barrason’s are well placed to support the Construction Sector with their expertise, sound technical knowledge and streamlined business processes; supported by a team of passionate Managers.

Fariborz Moeinaddini (Fari) – Engineering Director, Temporary Works

With a PhD in Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology, Masters Degrees in Structural Engineering from University of Melbourne and an Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering, Fari is Barrason’s expert on all aspects of precast concrete design, temporary works and construction technology. He has been involved in product development, testing and assessment of many of the lifters, fasteners, and connections, used in the current Australian building industry.

Fari oversees our large team of qualified Engineers who specialise in the temporary works and erection design space. Barrason’s certify in excess of 30,000 precast panels for safe lifting and installation each month, contributing to the safety of construction sites around Australia. Precast concrete manufacturers rely on Fari’s team for a guaranteed three day turnaround of their designs with the knowledge they can rely on a powerhouse of technical advice and support.

Amir Saffari – Residential Design Leader

Born and educated in Iran, we are delighted to have Amir lead our Residential Design team as a long standing member of the Barrasons Group. Amir has an incredible attention to detail, knowledge of all sectors of the industry and requirements of Australian standards. He manages the process of quoting for Residential Designs, seeing the process through to final stages of design and delivering our client’s Professional Engineering Drawings.  Proper construction, underpinned by sound Engineering Design is the key to longevity and useability within the residential space. Whether it’s a pool, retaining wall, verandah, roadway or full home design, no job is too small within the residential design team. 

Amir Hossein – Precast Concrete Leader

As confusing as it can be having two Leaders called ‘Amir’ sitting next to one another, we manage to tell the difference, as Amir Hossein leads the Pre Cast Concrete team. Also an Iranian by birth, Amir has migrated to Australia and now calls it home. He manages our contracts with our Commercial pre cast clients, overseeing the lifting and bracing, and temporary works teams. This includes all service needs, including certification on site and remotely. 

Lisa Camp – Residential Inspections – now managed by Solid Edge Pty Ltd, trading as Barrasons Inspections.

Having managed Residential Inspections for 5 years within Barrasons, Lisa branched out with her own Residential Inspections team in late 2023. Working closely with Barrasons Group Solid Edge Pty Ltd offer residential inspections addressing and understanding defects. There are a limited number of things that can directly undermine the integrity of a structure. These include water, pests, poor construction techniques and vegetation. The Inspections team can quickly identify these. Inspectors enjoy ongoing professional development, keeping abreast of changing building codes and requirements, under Lisa’s guidance.