Cheap and Nasty

Well, the title is a bit dramatic, but the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer.

Barrasons Group were engaged to do a Structural Inspection of a property along the River in Ascot Vale. The home was meticulously maintained internally, and has a most beautiful garden.

We were asked to investigate the balconies, as the owners were concerned with water ingress. Upon inspection a number of things were quickly evident. Primarily the builders (or developers) had used a range of disparate materials when constructing the largely timber balcony. A tiled floor, precast concrete and cement sheeting have all formed part of the build. When inundated with water, each of these materials has acted differently, and move in different ways – eventually causing minor cracks. Minor cracks have a way of becoming much larger cracks with vibration, wear and tear, use, foot traffic and the like.

The balconies have deteriorated to the point they are unsafe. We have advised the homeowners to immediately cease using the balconies. We are working through a rectification plan with them, and will provide the necessary Engineering Designs to render the balconies safe once again.

This visit highlighted the need for ongoing maintenance and the importance of acting when you see any sort of deterioration in your home. Contact us if you are concerned about any aspect of your balcony or external structures.

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