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Building & Pest Inspections

To complement our range of engineering services, Barrason’s Engineers offer a wide variety of building inspection services to provide you with reliable and independent advice on the state of your property. Our reports are easy to interpret with accompanying photos and clear recommendations for fixing any issues found.

Our building inspectors are experienced trade professionals with a keen eye for detail, who pride themselves on their care for our customers. They will attend your appointment equipped with a variety of investigative tools, including moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, drywalls scanners and high precision altimeters.

All our inspectors our fully insured, Covid-19 infection control trained and carry Working with Children Check cards. We appreciate you wish to live and work in a safe and healthy environment, so please contact our friendly team today and we will provide you with a free quotation for our services.

Our professional memberships:

Building Inspections

We can assist you with a variety of building inspections:

  • Our pre-purchase inspections will reveal any hidden flaws to your future dream home
  • Dilapidation reports to identify existing defects before the commencement of nearby construction works
  • Tenancy entry & exit condition reports for the convenience of landlords and property managers

Our inspection team has the expertise and manpower to promptly report on the condition of a broad range of buildings, from single residential homes to school buildings and large commercial hotels. Our reports include an appendix of images and provide guidance on any necessary repair work.

If your inspection needs are not described, please call our friendly team and we will utilise our construction & engineering knowledge to meet your on-site requirements.

Building Stage Inspections

As your home is built a building surveyor will be required to certify the construction at three mandatory stages: pre-slab, frame and a final check before issuing a certificate of occupancy.

The building surveyor will ensure your build meets regulatory compliance and that all building elements described in your structural drawings are present.

Barrason’s Inspectors can offer additional peace of mind by attending each of these stages and providing independent advice on the quality of workmanship. We can confirm your home meets Australian Standards and work is within the Victorian Building Authority’s acceptable tolerances.

Further, we are available to inspect at additional stages, including post-slab, pre-plaster, lock-up, fit-out and pre-handover.

Ensuring your home is well constructed in the first instance can lower the risk of expensive repairs in the future.

Pest Inspections

At Barrason’s we appreciate the costly damage pests can do to a property, especially termites and borers. 

Termites in Victoria are smaller than their Queensland counterparts, but there are still five species capable of causing immense damage to timber homes. Termites love dark and moist environments – such as a timber subfloor without sufficient ventilation – and, because they destroy wood internally, termites can be difficult to detect.

Our certified pest inspectors are trained in termite detection and woodboring beetle identification. Additionally, during your inspection they will be assessing your timbers for wood rot and damage from other pest varieties such as rodents & wasps.

If you have had an existing pest problem, we can provide you with strategies for prevention and arrange an annual inspection for your continued peace of mind.

Construction Compliance Reports

Our professional inspectors and engineers are available to attend construction sites at various stages to confirm your project complies with the certified engineering documentation.

Barrason’s structural engineers can also inspect damage incurred post-construction, assessing the stability of your structure and its code compliance for public safety. This includes fire investigations, where we will inspect and detail the required rectification work and associated costs.

We also assist local councils with asset management, undertaking compliance checks of civil infrastructure. Our expert team conducts road, footpath, bridge and playground inspections, amongst others, to ensure their ongoing compliance with the Building Code of Australia for the safety of the public.

Rectification Cost Reports

Are you making an insurance claim, or are you involved in a VCAT dispute over rectification costs for defective building work?

Our estimators and quantity surveyors can break down the rectification work required to repair your property and provide you with an itemised list of the costs involved based on standard industry pricing.

Our costings are detailed; we take into consideration the regional availability of materials and include often overlooked expenses, such as the potential relocation of your family during works.

As an alternative to a rectification cost report, we can assist owner-builders seeking an independent build estimate for the cost of planned works – whether renovations or extensions – that can help determine if a project is financially feasible before proceeding to the design stage.

Structural Inspections

This inspection category is performed by our qualified structural engineers with the technical expertise and design experience to assess the structural stability of your building.

We are available to visit your property to advise on a wide range of structural issues, from load-bearing wall removal to compliance requirements for illegal works. Our professional engineers can prevent trivial structural flaws from escalating into costly repair work.

Our expert engineers are also available to perform QA checks and independently audit constructed works on larger commercial projects within Victoria and NSW.

For further details on our structural inspection services, please review our residential and commercial engineering offerings.

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