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General home maintenance tips

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General home maintenance tips

Don’t plant trees or allow them to exist closer to the house than their expected mature height, unless their roots are discouraged or contained in some way, as in the systems described.

Keep the garden and lawns around the house evenly damp throughout the drier months.  Don’t neglect one side of the house just because nothing much grows in the area.


Regularly check existing drains, down-pipes, guttering and service piping to ensure no leakages occur over the life of the building.


If you think your house needs underpinning or other building work carried out, make sure you first have an independent assessment undertaken by an engineer. Barrason’s can help you here with an inspection and recommendation. Underpinning works will require engineering computations and design and an associated geotechnical (soil) test report. You should then obtain at least three quotations based on a professionally documented scope of works and specification, and make sure you have a firm written contract with the company and appropriate permits if required.

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