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Our Commercial Services

Barrason’s supply a range of commercial structural and civil engineering services.

We have developed a strong reputation in the precast concrete industry for our exceptional service that has contributed to the success of several award-winning projects.

On every job we work to reduce your build-cost within the parameters of safety.  We’ve honed our internal processes through our collaboration with Australia’s largest concrete panel prefabricators to become highly efficient, saving you time and ensuring our service is competitively priced.

Our engineering experts have strong specialised knowledge within the field of concrete design & specification. We appreciate the context of the Australian Standards affecting the concrete panel prefabrication industry due to our personal involvement in their development.

Our engineering managers helped develop:

  • AS 3600 Concrete Structures
  • AS 3850 Parts 1and 2 for Prefabricated Concrete Elements
  • AS/NZS 4671 Steel Reinforcing Materials
  • AS 5216 Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete.
  • Victorian Prefabricated Concrete Elements Code of Practice 2019

Contact us and let our specialist design team assist you on your precast journey from start to finish: design, pour, transportation, on-site installation, temporary works design and certification.

Our professional memberships:

Structural Design

We enjoy integrating our design process with your ability to build – creating unique designs tailored to your build style. We believe in clear communication with our clients, keeping you engaged throughout the design process to ensure your needs are met.

Our specialised engineers are equipped with a broad skill set, utilising 3D modelling and finite element analysis to best effect. We have the capability to design a variety of commercial structures ranging from industrial warehouses to high-rise complexes.

Suspect your existing design has been over-engineered? Contact our team to explore the benefits of optimisation. We can also convert in-situ concrete structures to precast structures, designing to the precaster’s particular yard requirements and lowering your overall build cost.

Temporary Works Design

Our temporary works solutions can speed up the time of construction and increase safety.

Our team is experienced in formwork, falsework, scaffold design, basement groundworks, temporary earth retention and the secure transportation of prefabricated elements.

Whether we are designing systems to support vertical and horizontal load-bearing elements or retaining walls for soil excavations, our key consideration is the safety of your workforce and the public.

Lifting and Bracing Design

Ensure your prefabricated elements or tilt-up panels are safely lifted and installed with our lifting and bracing service.

From our construction experiences we understand the equipment you have on-site and will design accordingly.

Our structural engineers will specify the appropriate fixing inserts, anchors and braces to prevent cracking or collapse, regardless of the complexity of your panel. We reduce the use of strongbacks through panel steel, improving quality control and saving you additional expense.

At Barrason’s we have the capability to process high volumes of commercial work to match your production schedule.

Shop Detailing

Our expert engineers and drafters can rapidly design your precast concrete panels, beams, spandrels and columns with a high degree of accuracy. Our detailing includes steel reinforcement, cast-in items and connections.

Barrason’s team are experienced in detailing a variety of panel types including three dimensional panels, insulated sandwich panels, lightweight thin wall panels, brick inlay and form liner finishes.

As an additional service, 3D modelling of prefabricated systems is available for clients who would like to visualise their project with a tangible prototype.

We take pride in our fast turnaround times for working drawings of complex designs.

Structural Inspections

We offer a range of inspection services for your project.

Our expert engineers are available to attend on-site to perform QA checks and independently audit constructed works within Victoria and QLD.

Our commercial inspection services are wide-ranging and include protection works measures, preparation of dilapidation reports, remedial works and forensic analysis of damaged structures.

Research & Development

Do you have a creative idea for a product you wish to introduce? Are you exploring this product’s technical specifications?

Barrason’s Research & Development team can design and certify new product concrete elements, giving you a competitive edge. We appreciate technology within our industry is rapidly changing and we have worked with several firms to both develop new product and enhance existing product to increase their revenue.

Contact our team and we can help you do the same, opening up new markets for your business.

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We provide quality structural engineering design solutions.