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9 Tips that you should consider for your home office

As restriction and regulation put in place to prevent spreading of Coronavirus, our people share their tips and experience to facilitate working from home. 
An article from IDEA TED almost listed nine recommendation to make work from home more joyful. This article may help you to adjust to your new home workspace.
First, it is important to note to keep the balance between work and personal lives.

1. Attention to your body posture. At the office, you usually have an ergonomic desk or chair. You also might take a break to move from your desk and talk to your colleagues. It is important to set a timer to remind you to take a break and pay attention to your body posture.

2. Commute time is now available. Now, the time that was spent on a way to get to work can be used to meditate or do nothing and do not feel guilty.

3. Having a plant or an image at your work station helps you to rest your eyes from your computer monitor(s).

4. Choose your workplace and amplify lights to suit you. Some offices are designed poorly and do not provide enough sunlight but at home you have more control where to work.

5. Fun and joyful workplace differ from person to person, so you have more options to personalise your working space at home.

6. Transition. physical objects like door or specific music are helpful for focusing on work. Something like a stretch, playlists for different tasks, or cut of coffee. Some other techniques like focus timer and goal setting and prise are helpful too.

7. Snack time is sometimes confused by break time. However, taking a break and having snacks are usually concurrent. The important point is at break time change your environment while you can have the snack at your desk.A snack should be as fuel for your brain.

8. Personalised workspace makes opportunities to work through ideas.

9. Pack it up and put it away. It’s hard to know when to stop working when you are working from home. A home office is not necessary for a separate room. A simple basket that you can put your laptop and papers create a physical boundary between your workspace and your home space.