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Events and Team

Keep you about BE new team members and events.

Precast Engineer

Barrason’s Engineers are growing their reputation as a leader within the precast concrete industry. Our specialist engineers are experts at concrete design & specification. Our team is rapidly growing, and we are now hiring for the full-time precast engineer position.

Stay Home, Save lifes

We all were overwhelmed with changes due to Coronavirus pandemic. It took us while to adjust and set up our home offices. In this article, you will read about some tips and suggestions about how to adjust yourself with new norm and some hacks from Barrason’s engineers. 

SPASAVIC Professional Membership

Awards and Achievements

Our qualified residential engineering team has a history of designing quality frames, balustrades, deckings and slabs for pools and spas – and we’d love to thank SPASAVIC for the recognition of our work.

Smeet Gala

Barrason’s Engineers Team

Meet our new team member who joined us on May 2020 as a part of our Temporary Works team.