Land Surveying Services

Barrason’s Land Surveying provides accurate and comprehensive plans detailing existing site conditions prior to design or planning work being carried out. Our experience in the residential market and modern field technology allows the team to gather the right information and have it presented in a clear format allowing the next steps in the building and development process to follow, with confidence and efficiency.

Feature Surveys

Our team will visit the requested property to take site levels to determine the extent of fall on the land. Our service also includes a site assessment which provides a description of various aspects of the site such as orientation, the existence of title pegs, existing fencing as well as services provided to the property along with any site-specific recommendations.

Contour Mapping

Our Surveying team can undertake surveys to re-establish title boundaries in existing residential areas where fence lines may have been lost or shifted. If your property is in a newly developed area, a re-peg of the site based on the plan of subdivision can be undertaken.

BAL Reports

If the property falls within a bush-fire-prone area we can, using the simplified procedure method, conduct the following Bushfire Assessment Level Reports:

BAL 12.5
BAL 19
BAL 29
BAL 40

Site Level Surveys

If your property falls within a flood overlay or is subject to inundation or overland flows, we can tie the site levels to the Australian Height Datum (AHD) to ensure any flood level and floor level requirements can be satisfied.

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