Shop Detailing and Drawing Services

Barrason’s Shop Detailing team has extensive expertise in providing accurate designs for precast panels, beams, columns and other structural members that are manufactured specifically for your projects. Our team is experienced at designing, detailing and 3D modelling whilst collaborating on projects with designers, engineers, builders/project builders and fabricators to ensure you receive your job done precisely.

Design and Construct Services

Our team can oversee and identify all site-related difficulties and challenges at the preliminary stages and certify our designs, resulting in ease of construction and efficient delivery of the work. In-situ to precast conversions and optimisation of design from the principal engineer.

Precast Concrete Stair Design

Our engineering team can design your precast concrete stairs and stair shafts that suit your applications. Our highly experienced team is capable of handling a comprehensive range and configuration of precast concrete stairs. We have developed a suite of proprietary precast modular stair options, to best suit your needs.

Concrete Panel Shop Drawing

Our team can provide precast concrete panel detailing that achieves superior accuracy with respect to dimensions and finishes. Complicated shapes, sizes and technical details can be consolidated in the design, checked for feasibility, and fabricated into the precast plant. These drawings can be reused or modified on repetitive designs to shorten our project delivery times to suit your tight building schedules.

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