Temporary Works Engineering Services

Temporary Works Engineering is a method of concrete production where concrete is shaped in a mould and then cured off-site, in the more optimal environment of a precast concrete manufacturing plant. Reinforcement is placed into reusable and adjustable moulds and concrete is poured, vibrated and cured. If needed, architectural finishes (such as formliner patterns, honing, polishing or staining) can be applied pre-pour or post-pour while the concrete elements are still in the factory. After these steps are completed, the precast concrete elements can then be safely transported to the construction site and erected.

Precast products are used in a variety of applications, including buildings, civil construction and landscaping.

precasting saves both time and labour costs while providing a more uniform casting and more opportunity for design. In situations where your construction site is subject to unpredictable weather and other extreme environmental factors, precast concrete may be the solution.

Temporary Works Design

Temporary Engineering design is required for precast concrete elements during the construction stage prior to being part of the permanent structure. This includes:

  • Lifting, temporary bracing, transport and storage design of precast concrete elements
  • Temporary footing design for bracing precast elements
  • Formwork and Falsework design
  • Crane lift studies
  • Backpropping designs for construction stage
  • Excavation support designs/Protection works

Our expert team will work with you to provide safe, reliable and efficient designs for your structure.

Precast Lifting and Bracing Designs

Barrason’s engineering team can analyse the precast elements for the stresses developed during various stages of handling and ensure the structural integrity of the element is not compromised. We will design and certify the components cast in to the element to be used at temporary stages such as lifting and bracing. Providing conventional and case-specific bracing solutions for precast elements is one of the skills Barrason’s team excel at.

Before commencing our designs, we work closely with you and consider all on-site equipment to ensure that our designs are suitable for your circumstances.

Concrete Panel Sequencing

Our team has experience providing efficient, cost-effective and safe installation sequences for concrete panels across many different sites with unique needs. Sequencing will ensure a smooth work flow and safety of every personnel involved in the process while achieving savings in cost and time.


Crane Placement and Erection Design

Our engineering team can determine the safest and most effective location to place the cranes, and take multiple factors into consideration; what kind of lifts are available, the weights and sizes of the precast elements, the pickup locations, etc.

These all play a part in determining which size and type of crane is best suited for your particular need. Every site is unique and we always treat them as such during the planning and design stages.

Stress Analysis

Our team can provide a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design for monitoring the stresses of the precast element under load. With this method, we can optimise the structural design of your precast elements, ensuring they’re safe for your application but avoiding any costly or unnecessary over-engineering.

Multi-Storey Core Design

Our team has experience redesigning the cores of multi-storey buildings, from in-situ developments to precast, and understand the considerations that need to take place (such as the inplace cost of connections). We can optimise the placement sequence for elements like the precast stairs and landings, so that the entire construction can go as smoothly as possible.

Design, Construction and Inspection Services

Our highly qualified team of engineers are equipped with a broad skill set and work closely with our clients throughout the design process. This minimises miscommunication, saving you time and money.

We use the most modern structural analysis tools available, to ensure our designs are accurate and fully meet your needs, and are capable of handling and quickly turning around a variety of commercial precast structure designs.

Our experienced Erection Design Engineers can provide site inspections for temporary works of the precast elements on short notice. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • propping
  • lifting and bracing
  • prop removal

Our team of inspection engineers have detailed knowledge of the Australian standards for precast concrete design (AS3850, AS4671, AS3600 and AS5216) and can provide the Erection Design Engineers certification in accordance with these requirements. They’re also mobile, and will happily meet you at your site to provide their expertise.

Our Erection Design Engineering team work closely with our Shop Detailers and Structural Design Engineers to coordinate Industrial Building and warehouse designs. Civil, hydraulic and traffic engineering is also included in the package.

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